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How Many Cigarettes In Vuse Pod?

I've just switched from smoking to vaping and my friends recommend the Vuse Vape. But I have found that I have no idea how many puffs I should take each day. Can you show me the equivalence between a Vuse pod and cigarettes so that I can control my daily vaping needs?

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Vuse ePod pods are typically equivalent to 20 – 27 cigarettes, offering approximately 200 – 275 puffs and lasting for 1 – 2 days.

Generally, a cigarette offers 10 puffs while smoking. Thus, 1 pack of cigarettes provides roughly 200 puffs or more, which varies from the vaping habit of each person.

Since most cigarette packs are in 20PCS, a Vuse pod is equivalent to a 1 – 1.5 cigarette pack.

A Vuse pod pack is usually in 2 PCS, which means you get 2 to 3 cigarette packs in each Vuse pod order.

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