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How To Open The Bottom Of A IGET Bar?

I have an IGET Bar at home that has run out of juice, but I don't intend to throw it away. I'd like to try to open the lid on the bottom of it and take out the batteries to recharge it. I've never disassembled an IGET Bar before, so can a professional vaper teach me how to open the bottom cover?

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Firstly, it is important to reiterate that IGET Bar disposable vapes are not designed to be opened, as they do not offer the option of refilling or recharging.

Therefore, you are responsible for all damages incurred during the disassembly process.

However, if you are curious about the inner structure of the IGET Bar or want to recharge a depleted battery, the first step you need to take is to open the lid on its bottom.

So, to safely open the bottom cover of the IGET Bar, please refer to the following steps carefully:

  1. Prepare an IGET Bar device, pliers and tissue paper.
  2. Hold the vape wrapped in tissue paper in one hand and the pliers in the other.
  3. Hold the bottom cap with the tip of the pliers and gently wiggle the pliers from left to right.
  4. Slowly pull the bottom cap back and forth for a while.
  5. When the bottom cover is loosened, use the tips of the pliers to remove the internal parts gently.

So how do you open the IGET Bar without pliers? You can follow the instructions below:

  1. Find a screwdriver or a small knife instead of pliers.
  2. Insert the flathead screwdriver into the bottom lid and make a bit groove.
  3. Use the flat tip of the flathead screwdriver to pry the groove.
  4. Successfully open and take out the internals.

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