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IGET Vape How Much Nicotine?

I will now be consciously monitoring my daily nicotine intake, so can any vape users tell me how much nicotine IGET Vapes contain?

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There are many types of vapes under the IGET series, such as IGET Bar, IGET Bar Plus Pod, and IGET Bar Plus.

However, the amount of nicotine contained in different types of IGET Vapes can vary. Please see the list below for details:

  • IGET Bar: 40mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET Bar Plus: 38mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET Moon: 40mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET B5000: 40mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET XXL: 40mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET Legend: 50mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET Hot: 50mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET Pro: 50mg/ml nicotine salts
  • IGET Goat: 50mg/ml nicotine salts

Note: Nicotine and nicotine salts are not the same thing. The main difference between them is the nicotine form and the experience of using it.

Nicotine is usually referred to as freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine provides a stronger throat hit than nicotine salts. It is more suitable for experienced vapers.

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