The GOGO vape stands out from most vape brands in New Zealand now with exceptional performance and value for money.

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Does GOGO vape have nicotine?

Yes. GOGO Fat Boy 2000 in VapePenZone NZ has 50 mg/ml nicotine salts.

According to vaping experiences, most vapers usually take 230-500 puffs per day. Therefore, 2000-puff GOGO vape such as GOGO Fat Boy 2000 pod can last 4-8 days around.

Yes. GOGO vape always offers wonderful and various fruity flavours in thick vapour, which keeps excellent performance for the vaping experience. Choosing GOGO vape won’t disappoint you absolutely.

You can get GOGO vape at VPZNZ with our authenticity guarantee and free shipping on orders over $50.