Upends Mini 800

Upends Mini 800 is a disposable vape that offers 13 great flavours with Child Lock and Auto Sleep features to ensure a safe and smart vaping experience.

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How Much Nicotine Is In The Upends Mini 800?

The nicotine of the Upends Mini 800 is 20mg/ml.

The price of Upends Mini Disposable 800 Puffs is only $7.99 in VapePenZone New Zealand.

An Upends Mini vape lasts approximately 1-3 days.

According to feedback from most vapers, every 10 puffs is equivalent to 1 cigarette. Therefore, an Upends Mini 800 puffs vape is roughly equivalent to 80 cigarettes.

No, the Upends Mini 800 is a non-rechargeable disposable vape, which features prefilled e-liquid.