DRAGBAR is a disposable vape designed by VooPoo. It aims to enhance the vaping experience with advanced technology and a wide range of disposable devices and pods.

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dragbar Vape FAQ

What is dragbar?

DRAGBAR focuses on disposable vapes, exploring a better life with vape. It uses an advanced ceramic coil heating system to meet users’ pursuit of pure vape flavour.

Different DRAGBAR Vapes contain different concentrations of nicotine salts, such as the DRAGBAR ICZ 5000. It has 40mg/ml nicotine salts, which provides a smooth vaping experience. 

The puff number of different models of DRAGBAR Vapes is not fixed. Here I’m DRAGBAR ICZ as an example, which can provide up to 5000 puffs.

The lifespan of DRAGBAR device is affected by many factors, such as personal vaping habits, battery power, the puff number, etc. The DRAGBAR ICZ 5000 puffs, for example, can last from 10 to 21 days if you take 230-500 puffs a day.

Quickly press the button on the bottom of the device 5 times to activate the DRAGBAR disposable vape. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the device will automatically lock.

DRAGBAR disposable vape is convenient vaping device that requires no maintenance and no refilling. In addition, its cool design is also very pleasing to the eye.