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How To Fix Leaking Vuse Pod: 6 Solutions Shoot Fast

Sometimes customers who get Vuse pods may face leaking issues in certain cases. Luckily, there are six solutions for how to fix leaking Vuse pod effectively:

  1. Reduce condensation
  2. Store the device upright
  3. Clean and replace defective Vuse pod
  4. Avoid overfilling
  5. Check your device ready for vaping
  6. Change the way you vape

Don’t stop reading if you’re facing a leaking Vuse pod on hand. Take action to follow and see if the solutions work!


Introduction How To Fix Leaking Vuse Pod

Vuse has released a range of pods with prefilled e-liquid, making the structure of the pod extremely airtight and sturdy, such as Vuse ePod, Vuse ePod 2, Vsue Pro Pod and so on.

Usually, pod leaking is rare, but the issue may occur for some reason.

To better solve the trouble for you, we’ve collected 50 leaking pods Vuse from public vapers, and our team took a week to analyze and summarize why each pod leaks.

Finally, we conclude with six useful solutions to the most common leaking dilemmas you may encounter from fixing experiences one by one.

Tool Preparation

Before you start to learn how to fix leaking Vuse pod, it’s vital to ensure all tools are well-prepared so that you can deal with your leaking pods deliberately:

Tool Preparation Tissue For Fixing Vuse Pod

Some tissues or dry cloth: Clean the leaks on the pod or device and your hands

Tool Preparation Cotton Swab For Fixing Vuse Pod

Cotton swab: Further clean the leaks inside the inner parts.

Tool Preparation Gloves For Fixing Vuse Pod

Gloves: Avoid staining the hands and unexpected electric shock.

Tool Preparation New Vuse Pods For Fixing Vuse Pod

New Vuse pods are compatible with the device: Replace damaged and broken pods

With all the necessary tools at hand, you can follow the solutions below and begin to fix your leaking pods Vuse right now!

How To Fix Leaking Vuse Pod

Here are six solutions for the leaking cases. We’ll explain each one with illustrations. You can follow the solution according to the actual leaking situation.

*1 Reduce condensation

Most of the time, when you find the leaks, the moisture is just condensation instead of e-liquid, and these drops usually evaporate in a few minutes.

There’s also an easy way to deal with it instantly. Let’s take Vuse ePod 2 leaking as an example.

Wear gloves first, and you can use your hand to detach the pod from Vuse ePod 2 Device.

Take out the tissue or dry cloth to clean the droplets, and then carefully blow into the Vuse ePod 2 vape pen to dislodge any dirt inside.

Detach Vuse Pod From The Device

Detach the pod from the device

Use Tissues To Clean The Droplets

Use tissues to clean the droplets

Furthermore, to prevent and reduce the condensation, here are other tips for you:

  • Puff gently on your pods
  • Avoid back-puffing into your pod
  • Not using pods for prolonged periods

Do not immerse the device in water, which could damage it and stop it from working.

*2 Store the device upright

Proper storage is a good way to prevent the leaking dilemma, which is better than staining hands or dealing with the spilling e-liquid.

You can find a spare cup or glass to store the device upright in a cool and dry place away from fire, which is beneficial for preventing it from knocking over.

Store The Vuse Device Upright

If your pod has already been exposed somewhere damp, you can use dry rice by sealing it with the device in a bag to absorb moisture.

*3 Clean and replace defective Vuse pod

If you find your pod defective and leaking, you need to place a piece of tissue on the bottom before removing it from the device.

Then, use the tissues or dry cloth to clean the e-liquid outside and a cotton swab to clear leaks inside.

After that, gently blow through the mouthpiece a few times so that any excess e-liquid will be forced out and onto the tissue.

Check your pod and device thoroughly for any cracks or breakages. If there’s damage to the leaking pod, just replace it with a new pod from a Vuse refill pack.

Remove Vuse Pod From The Device Timely

① Remove the pod from the device timely

Clean With The Tissues

② Clean with the tissues

Use Cotton Swab To Clean Inside Parts

③ Use cotton swabs to clean inside parts

Gently Blow To Force Out Excess E-liquid

④ Gently blow to force out excess e-liquid

If the leaks come from the device, we suggest changing to a new one. You should note that an attempt to refill will put you at risk for damage to your device.

* 4 Avoid overfilling

Someone may refill too much e-liquid over the given space. Therefore, it’s vital to refill according to the recommended level without exceeding it.

Meanwhile, you should leave enough space for the pop stopper while refilling the pod.

It can greatly prevent pod Vuse from leaking from the bottom and ensure a proper vacuum seal.

Avoid Overfilling Vuse Pod

*5 Check your device ready for vaping

If you haven’t used your Vuse device for some time, you’d better check it before starting to vape again.

Firstly, you should check the seal of the pod, which is essential to stop e-liquid leaks.

After careful examination, insert your pods into the Vuse device and ensure they are connected correctly and tightly according to the user guide.

Before taking a puff, you should still make sure there are no blockages in the pod itself.

Use tissues or cotton swabs to clean the mouthpiece inside and the device to clear the way for un-vaporized e-liquid.

Check Your Device Ready For Vaping

* 6 Change the way you vape

Pods Vuse Leaking could happen while you’re vaping, though you may not find anything improper. You may consider changing the way you vape in time.

Try longer and slower draws on your Vuse vape to give the e-liquid enough time to vaporise sufficiently. Leaking can be resolved greatly.

Change The Way You Vape

How To Fix Leaking Vuse Pod Reddit

Apart from the solutions above to most possible leaking problems for pods Vuse, there are more tips and tricks shared by vapers on Reddit.

Reddit How To FixLeaking Vuse Pod

Why Is My Vuse Pod Leaking?

Why Is My Vuse Pod Leaking

Fake Leaking – Condensation Of Vuse ePod

Usually, the cartomiser of pods like the Vuse ePod has a sealed e-liquid reservoir that securely holds e-liquid with its internal sealing components to prevent leakages.

Condensation can occur in vaping devices when vapour contacts cooler surfaces like the inner tube, which leads to droplets forming on the tube’s interior, which may seem like a leak.

Improper Storage

If you store your pod Vuse casually on its side for some time, it can cause e-liquid to leak.

Meanwhile, pods exposed to extreme temperatures, sunlight, flames or a damp environment could leak and damage the system.

Add Too Much E-liquid

Someone may refill the prefill-set pod by putting much e-liquid, only to find the Vuse pod leaking from the bottom.

This is mainly because too much e-liquid leads the coil to become flooded or for e-liquid to spill past seals.

Blockages in the Pod

Blockages in the pod will restrict the airflow, and the pressure inside the pod becomes imbalanced.

Eventually, unvapourised e-liquid will escape through the mouthpiece or the airflow holes. Finally, pod leaking results in pod leaking an unpleasant vaping experience.

Draw Too Hard while vaping

If you take big and deep drags on the pod Vuse, too much e-liquid may go through the coil, which cannot be vapourised properly.

The e-liquid will eventually proceed to leak out of the mouthpiece, and you will find the pod Vuse leaking into your mouth.

How To Dispose The Leaking Vuse Pod?

How To Dispose A Leaking Vuse Pod

Vuse always plays a role in looking after our environment. If you have no idea about how to dispose of your Vuse waste products, you can join the “REPOD VAPE RECYCLING NZ” program.

Four easy steps in the “REPOD VAPE RECYCLING NZ” program:
Step 1- Start to get a RePod freepost bag when checking out online at
Step 2 – Collect finished Vuse pods until you have a minimum of 20.
Step 3 – Send the bag back to us in the mail or drop it off at Vusionry. Write your name and email on the bag, then make sure the bag is fully sealed and take a photo of the track & trace barcode.
Step 4 – Recycle and we’ll take it.

The program is also applicable for vape devices(a maximum of 4 Vuse devices in a bag). By taking part in it, you can get $10 worth of Vuse+ points for every 20 pods or 4 vape devices of Vuse.


In general, we’ve shown you all the solutions summarized from our tests for leaking pods Vuse individually.

Ensure your safety while fixing with tools. It puts you at risk to open and fix the prefilled pod by yourself, so we advise you to buy a new pod to change for a great vaping experience.

Also, it’s a good choice to discover more wonderful pod vapes with favourable prices in VapePenZone New Zealand. Come to visit us now!

FAQ About How To Fix Leaking Vuse Pod

What causes pods Vuse to spit?

It’s a clear signal of pod Vuse to leak by spitting, and you should fix your pod in time to protect your device.

How do you fix a defective Vuse pod?

We suggest using tissues or a dry cloth to clean the e-liquid first. After that, check your pod thoroughly for any cracks. If there’s damage to the leaking pod, just replace it with a new pod from a Vuse refill pack.

Is it safe to vape a leaking pod?

It’s not advised to continue vaping, as the leaking issue would not only affect your vaping experience but also damage your pod system. You’d better take action to revive your pod.

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