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Why Is My Vuse Vape Not Working?

I've been using a Vuse ePod 2 for a while, yesterday morning I noticed that it suddenly stopped working, but I can't find the manual for it, can you tell me why it's malfunctioning?

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If you encounter the Vuse Vape not working, here are some common reasons summarized by the Vuse users, which are mainly collected from the Vuse ePod 2 cases.

1. Depleted battery: A low battery leads to weak battery power, failure to support the heating system working and finally, causing the vape not to work.
2. Insufficient E-liquid: Insufficient e-liquid will cause the atomizer to lack a heat source to vaporize and even burn the coils, resulting in Vuse malfunction.
3. E-liquid leaking: E-liquid leaking can lead to insufficient e-liquid levels or even corrode the battery by flowing inside the vape device, leading to device malfunction.
4. Clogging: Clogging in the battery contacts, pod base, and mouthpiece can cause charging failure, loose connections of power supply, or weak airflow, resulting in the vape not working.
5. Extreme Temperature: Vuse Vapes are not suited to extreme temperatures beyond 0 – 25°C, which may trigger the automatic shutdown settings.
6. Clogging: If you find your Vuse blinking but not hitting, it’s probably due to clogging inside the mouthpiece to block most airflow coming in and out, leading to no vapour.

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