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Why Does My Vuse Vape Taste Burnt?

My friend gave me a Vuse Vape for my birthday gift, but I've noticed a burnt taste while vaping. I've thrown away the instructions that came with it, so there's nothing I can do about it now. Can you give me a quick answer as to the source of the burnt taste?

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Taking the Vuse ePod 2 as an example, here are some reasons why the Vuse Vape taste burnt:

1. Extreme temperature: Under extreme temperatures over 30°C, the Vuse device and pod may heat up and lead to a burnt taste.
2. Insufficient e-liquid: If you still puff-activate the Vuse after the e-liquid runs out, the battery power turns to heat the coil in the pod, leading to a burnt taste.
3. Prolong vaping: If you’ve been vaped for several minutes or even hours without a pause, the Vuse device is always on activation, failing to dissipate the heat and burn the parts inside.
4. Build-up in coil: If you’ve used this vape for several months, the coil may accumulate the build-up produced while heating. It leads to a burnt taste during repeated heating.

If you found a burnt taste while vaping, please check these reasons and fix it quickly. Otherwise, you may get a worse vaping experience or even risk your safety by device malfunctioning.

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