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What Is The Best IGET Vape?

I am looking a new vape to change my vaping experience. These days I find IGET online but there're so many types. Can somesone tell me what the best IGET vape is? What should I choose?

VapePenZone NZ is a New Zealand online store offering the latest e-cigarette trends and answers to all kinds of questions for vapers.

From my vaping experience, I believe that the best IGET vape in New Zealand goes to IGET Bar 3500, as it has more than 20 flavours to select with 12 ml E-liquid.

With a 1500 mAh battery, you’ll be hassle-free of charging, you’ll definitely get your favourites to continue your vaping while taking a puff directly.

Strawberry Raspberry IGET Bar is what I strongly recommend, and it’s the best-selling meanwhile so you won’t be disappointed absolutely!

You can find many other series of vapes from IGET since it always ensures high-quality vapes to meet the market. Here are some of them as further reference.

Products TypePuffsE-liquidBatteryRechargeableFlavours
IGET Bar Plus600016 ml600 mAh19+
IGET Bar Plus Pod600016 ml//18+
IGET Moon500013 ml1750 mAh×20
IGET B5000500010 ml500mAh13
IGET Legend400012 ml1350 mAh×23+
IGET XXL18007 ml950 mAh×21

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