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How To Recharge A Disposable Vape Without Charger?

I'm sure everyone has had the experience of going out and forgetting the charger! So how to charge a disposable vape without charger? Has anyone tried it?

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Here are 5 steps to charging your disposable vape without a charger:

  1. Tool preparation: Universal battery charger, socket, pliers.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece: Separate the mouthpiece from the device by hand or with a tool.
  3. Open the bottom: Use pliers to pull the lid at the bottom up from side to side.
  4. Connecting the universal charger to the battery: Connect the universal charger cord to both sides of the battery and clamp them together.
  5. Plug the universal charger into a socket: The universal charger light will flash when connected to the power source.

Note: For safety reasons, it is not recommended to charge disposable vapes privately. The above steps are for reference only.

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