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How To Know When IGET Vape Is Empty?

Most of the IGET Vapes are designed with an opaque design, which makes determining when they've run out an extremely difficult task. So, does anyone have any tips to pass on to me on how to tell when an IGET Vape is empty?

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Although the exterior design of IGET Vape makes it more difficult to tell when it’s running out, we can still break it down in the following 4 ways:

  • Vapour decreases, or no vapour is produced

When the e-liquid is about to run out, the vapour will slowly become thin and tasteless, and in the end, there is no vapour produced at all.

  • Change in flavour

When the e-liquid runs out, and the atomizer does not have enough liquid to evaporate, the vape’s flavour will become lighter than usual.

  • Flashing indicator light

When the battery is low, the indicator light located at the bottom of the device will remind you that it’s time to recharge by flashing.

  • Burnt taste

When the e-liquid runs out, the atomizer will directly heat the cotton, which creates a burnt taste.

By focusing on these 4 clear signals, you can ensure that your vaping experience with IGET Vape is always smooth and satisfying.

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