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How to Know When Elf Bar Is Charged?

Hey there, I've been using an Elf Bar for a while now, but I'm unsure how to determine when it's charged. I usually plug it in for a few hours, but I'm not sure if that's enough or if there's a specific indicator I should be looking for.Could anyone share some insights on how to know when an Elf Bar is charged? Any tips or visual cues I should watch out for?

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Knowing when to charge your Elf Bar will help extend the life of your vape, and you need to charge it when the following signs are present:

  1. Elf Bar Indicator Light Blinks: When the IGET Bar battery indicator light begins to flash, it usually indicates that it is time to charge it.

    Once fully charged, the light will turn off. If your Elf Bar blinks while charging, make sure your charging cable is connected and not loose.
  2. Reduced Vapour Production And Muted Flavour: If you notice that the IGET Bar’s vapour production is reduced or the flavour has become muted, this may indicate that the battery is low and unable to heat the coils and produce vapour, not enough power can also cause the flavour to become muted, at this point it is time to recharge the device.
  3. Vaping Difficulty: When you are using the Elf Bar, and you feel that it is difficult to take a few puffs, this could be due to a drop in performance, a slower start-up indicates a low battery and a recharge is needed.
  4. Long Periods Of Inactivity: If you haven’t used your Elf Bar for a long time, it’s a good idea to check the battery level periodically for a month and recharge it if necessary.

When these signs appear, please charge the Elf Bar and it is best not to vape while charging to prolong the life of the Elf Bar.

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