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How Much Are IGET Vapes?

Recently my friends around me always recommend IGET Vape. But since my budget is a bit tight these days, I am still in a wait and see mode till now. Also I don't know much about IGET Vapes products and its price. So can any people help me?

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There are various types of IGET Vapes, and the price of each is very different.

But in order for you to buy the vape of your choice, I have collected and organized the prices of IGET Vapes sold in the top 10 stores on Google.

  • IGET Bar: $14.98 – $32.95
  • IGET Bar Plus: $25.00 – $55.00
  • IGET Legend: $17.57 – $39.95
  • IGET Moon: $23.96 – $45.00
  • IGET B5000: $9.90 – $69.95
  • IGET XXL: $5.00 – $30.00
  • IGET Hot: $24.45 – $55.00
  • IGET King: $5.00 – $45.00
  • IGET Goat: $19.00 – $65.00
  • IGET Mega: $5.00 – $35.00

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