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How Long Do IGET Vapes Last?

If I use IGET Vapes normally, how long will they last? What are the main factors that affect the number of days they last?

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The duration of an IGET Vape is closely related to its model, battery life, e-liquid capacity, and puff count.

Next, I’ll take three IGET Vapes from the VapePenZone New Zealand as examples of how many days they last.

ModelDisposable vapeDisposable vapePod vape
Battery Capacity1400mAh1750mAh600mAh
E-liquid Capacity12ml13ml16ml
Puff Number350050006000
Duration7 – 15 days10 – 21 days12 – 25 days

However, the biggest factor that affects the lifespan of IGET Vapes is your personal vaping frequency and habits.

In the case of the IGET Bar, for example, if you vape 230-500 puffs a day, it will last for 7-15 days.

But if you vape more than 500 puffs and the vaping time is too long each time, the actual number of puffs from the IGET Bar will likely be cut in half.

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