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Can You Charge A DRAGBAR?

Hello everyone. I decided to buy a DRAGBAR, But it has so many different vapes, I'm confused after surfing online, like can you charge a DRAGBAR. I don't want it out of battery while taking puffs outside☹

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Here are some DRAGBAR vapes that are common on the market, and we’ve found out whether they could be charged, have a look at the table below!

DRAGBARRechargeableBatteryTypeE-liquid CapacityNicotine Salts
DRAGBAR ICZ500 mAhDisposable14ml40mg/ml
DRAGBAR B5000500 mAhDisposable13 ml50mg/ml
DRAGBAR C1 Kit500 mAhPod Vape18ml50mg/ml
DRAGBAR R60001000 mAhDisposable18ml3mg freebase nic.
DRAGBAR S2650 mAhPod Vape11ml50mg/ml
DRAGBAR B12000800 mAhDisposable18ml50mg/ml
DRAGBAR B6500500 mAhDisposable13ml50mg/ml
DRAGBAR B6000500 mAhDisposable13ml20 or 50mg/ml
DRAGBAR B3500500 mAhDisposable8ml50mg/ml
DRAGBAR 3000D×1000 mAhDisposable8ml50mg/ml
DRAGBAR Z700 SE×380 mAhDisposable2ml20mg/ml
DRAGBAR FA600×500 mAhDisposable2ml20mg/ml
DRAGBAR BF600×500 mAhDisposable2ml20mg/ml
DRAGBAR 600S×500 mAhDisposable2ml20 or 50mg/ml

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