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2024 Best Vape Flavours NZ: 6 Choices Suit All Preferences

With thousands of vape flavours available in New Zealand, have you ever been confused about which one to choose?

Based on research with 500 vapers, we’ve spent 1 month to test on over 200 vape flavours and already narrowed down the top 6 flavours list!

  1. Grape – Grape ELFBAR LOWIT Pod 8000 Puffs
  2. Strawberry – Strawberry Kiwifruit IGET Halo Kit 3000 Puffs
  3. Kiwifruit – Kiwi Pineapple Ice IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs
  4. Dessert – Vanilla Medley Vuse ePod 47mg/ml
  5. Menthol – IQOS TEREA – Blue Pack
  6. Tobacco – Golden Tobacco Vuse ePod 47mg/ml

Here comes the one-stop guide to NZ’s best vape flavours in the latest 2024 version!


This guide aims to help beginner vapers find good vape flavours that are both popular among the masses and match their preferences.

About 216 flavours are tested across 4 dimensions: sweetness, coolness, intensity, and succulency. Finally, we determine the 6 top-ranked flavours.

500 experienced vapers have participated in the survey, covering different age groups, genders, and vaping ages to ensure accurate results for most vapers.

Best Vape Flavours NZ Introduction

General Research On Best Vape Flavours NZ

In this survey, we’ve taken 30 days to test 216 flavours with the help of 500 seasoned volunteers. The research 4 dimensions that vapers are most concerned about.

Research ThemeBest Vape Flavours NZ
Research Date2024.4.1 – 2024.4.30
Research Scope216 vape flavours
Research Object500 experienced vapers (20 – 60 years old, over 1 year of vaping experience)
Research MethodsResearch Objects
Research AspectsSweetness, Coolness, Intensity, Succulency

Based on the research and sales data of best-selling vape juice flavours, we rank the top 6 flavour types, which match the preferences of most people in the NZ market.

They are namely Grape, Strawberry, Kiwifruit, Dessert, Menthol, and Tobacco. The pie chart below shows the vote share for each flavour.

Pie Chart About Best Vape Flavours NZ Research
Pie Chart About Best Vape Flavours NZ Research

In the below paragraph, we’ll illustrate 6 high-rated flavour types and rank the 6 best vape flavors.

To cater to different vaping needs, we also divided each paragraph into 4 vape models: Disposable Vapes, Pod Vapes, E-liquid Refills, and Heat-Not-Burn.

Top 1 – Grape Vape Flavour

FlavourVotesVote Share
Grape Flavours11924.2%
The Grape Best Vape Flavours NZ

Top 1 – Grape Flavour

Flavour Profile: It’s got the perfect mix of sweetness and tang, hitting the spot every time I need a fruity vape.

Throat Hit: ⭐⭐⭐

Average Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great for: Fruity-flavour lovers who enjoy balanced sweetness and acidity.

Customer Review: Really digging this Grape ELFBAR. (Review by Sophie Patel on 6 Apr 2024)

Top 2 – Strawberry Vape Flavour

FlavourVotesVote Share
Strawberry Flavours8116.5%
The Strawberry Best Vape Flavours NZ

Top 2 – Strawberry Flavour

Flavour Profile: It’s got a nice balance, with the tangy kiwifruit complementing the sweetness of the strawberry well.

Throat Hit: ⭐⭐

Average Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great for: Berries-flavour lovers who enjoy sweet-sour stimulation

Customer Review: I can say it’s the best vape juice for pods. (Review by Liam Smith on 3 Apr 2024)

Top 3 – Kiwifruit Vape Flavour

FlavourVotesVote Share
Kiwifruit Flavours7515.3%
The Kiwifruit Best Vape Flavours NZ

Top 3 – Kiwifruit Flavour

Flavour Profile: Kiwi Pineapple Ice is spot on for a tropical twist and the best ice vape juice. Menthol ice finish is perfect for clearing up your mind

Throat Hit: ⭐⭐

Average Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great for: Exotic-fruits lovers

Customer Review: Best vape flavours IGET series! (Review by Tia Henare on 25 Apr 2024)

Top 4 – Dessert Vape Flavour

FlavourVotesVote Share
Dessert Flavours6914.1%
The Dessert Best Vape Flavours NZ

Top 4 – Dessert Vape Flavour

Flavour Profile: The Vanilla Medley’s just smooth and creamy. It got that sweet taste without being too over the top.

Throat Hit: ⭐⭐⭐

Average Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Great for: Sweet-lovers

Customer Review: Best vape juice for sweet lovers like me! (Review by Jack Turei on 17 Apr 2024)

Top 5 – Menthol Vape Flavour

FlavourVotesVote Share
Menthol Flavours6212.6%
The Menthol Best Vape Flavours NZ

Top 5 – Menthol Vape Flavour

Flavour Profile: It has a refreshing flavour but is not too sharp.

Throat Hit: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Average Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Great for: Vapers prefer cooling and minty flavours

Customer Review: This flavor is spot on for clearing your head or just chilling out. (Review by Lucy Wilson on 29 Apr 2024)

Top 6 – Tobacco Vape Flavour

FlavourVotesVote Share
Tobacco Flavours377.5%
The Tobacco Best Vape Flavours NZ

Top 6 – Tobacco Vape Flavour

Flavour Profile: Golden Tobacco e-liquid is seriously smooth with just the right touch of throat hit.

Throat Hit: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Average Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Great for: Tobacco lovers or vapers fond of strong throat hits

Customer Review: Perfect for refreshing the mind in the morning. (Review by Oliver Walker on 11 Apr 2024)

Best Vape Flavours NZ Reddit

Here are some Reddit comments about the best vape flavours in NZ. You can find some advice to find your own best vape flavours or best vape juice for beginners.

Best Vape Flavours NZ Reddit Comment 1

Where in NZ are you based? There are a lot of local juice makers around, so your best bet would probably be to find somebody who produces juice locally and talk to them.

Best Vape Flavours NZ Reddit Review 2

You can buy different strength salts as well so you can weasel your way down on nicotine strength.

 I use the Royalty 2 salts from Vaptasia – they are caramel aftertaste and and don’t smell so a lot more discrete.

Best Vape Flavours NZ Reddit Comment 3

The last is the Uwell Crown pod kit. A bit thicker than the previous two but has a quite nice 1250 mAh battery,

As for flavours, there’s so much variety that there will definitely be something out there for your partner.

Don’t be discouraged if the first few aren’t very good. Unfortunately, that can be the way things go at first, but once you find that flavour, it’s a godsend.


Based on our above research data and volunteer reviews, we’ve summarized the basic features and relevant advice of the 6 best vape juice flavors in New Zealand.

Best Vape Juice Flavors 2024Flavour Features
GrapeSweet-Sour Balanced
StrawberryTangy, Juicy
KiwifruitStimulating, Acidic
DessertSilky, Sweet
MentholRefreshing, Irritating
TobaccoStrong throat hit

The Grape wins the best one for best integration between sweet and sour. The Strawberry and Kiwifruit show advantages in stimulating and juciy.

Other flavours like dessert, menthol, and tobacco flavours are all suited to specific vaping habits but do not win the preference of most people.

For more vaping issues, VapePenZone NZ always provides you with vaping guides and local NZ vape shop guidance.

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