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Shosha Rotorua

About Shosha Rotorua

Shosha Vape Shop Rotorua is located at 1222 Fenton Street, CBD, Rotorua 3010. There, you’ll explore the latest and greatest in vaping devices.

Whether you’re a seasoned cloud chaser or a beginner looking for simplicity, the knowledgeable staff at Shosha Rotorua is here to help you find the perfect device.

As a result, Rotorua vape shop is a destination for those seeking top-notch products and a vibrant vape community.

Shosha Rotorua
  • Address: 1222 Fenton Street, CBD, Rotorua 3010
  • Shosha Rotorua Hours:
    Monday to Sunday: 10 am – 8 pm
  • Phone: 07 346 8000

Rotorua Shosha Locations

Shosha Rotorua Street Photo One
Shosha Rotorua Street Photo Two
Shosha Rotorua Street Photo Three
Shosha Rotorua Street Photo Four

The Nearby Landmarks:

  • The Salty Shekel: About 4 m, 1 min to walk.
  • BFT Rotorua: About 11 m, 1 min to walk.

Nearby Bus Stop:

  • Fenton Street – Fronting No. 1241: About 100 m, 1 min to walk.
  • Rotorua: About 170 m, 3 min to walk.

Shosha Rotorua Prices

Disposable VapesPod KitsVape KitsVape Tanks And ModsVape AccessoriesNicotine Salt E-liquidsFreebase E-liquidsSub-ohm Salt E-liquids HookahRolling PapersBlunt&Hemp WrapsLightersSmoking Accessories
$12.00 – $39.99$12.00 – $124.99$39.99 – $169.00$10.00 – $54.99$7.00 – $34.99$25.00 – $60.00$7.00 – $60.00$25.00 – $60.00$19.99 – $64.00$1.00 – $50.00$2.00 – $15.00$15.00 – $110.00$2.00 – $69.99

Types of Brands

Vape Devices BrandsFreebase E-liquids BrandsNicotine Salt E-liquids Brands
Salty Pulse BarTFN VapeFruit Burst World
Salty Prime BarSalty Bubble WorldSalty Bubble World
Salty Pro BarSalty Kraze WorldSalty Fizzy World
Mist BarSalty Berry WorldSalty Tropical World
Ultra BarTote HuaFrozen World
Twist BarTote AoturoaSalty Kraze World
Diamond BarSalty Puff WorldSalty Berry World
Palm FitFrozen WorldSalty Krush World
SMOKLawlessTote Aoturoa
VaporessoKiwi VaporSalty Kiwi World
UWELLShoshaKiwi Vapor
GeekvapeParty VapeSalty Puff World
InnokinHollywoodSalty World
iJoyVaping GadgetSolace
SuorinCrown VapeNicSalt
VaptioSummer LummaLawless
AspireJuicy PlanetCigSalt
VoopooElate VapeCrown Vape
WotofoElectric VapeSummer Lumma
Vapor WorldCigSalt Sub-Ohm
CloudChaserLawless Salty Clouds
Vaping Gadget

Other Information

Types of VapesTypes of E-liquidsNearby Vape Shop Rotorua Shosha Near Me
Disposable VapesFreebase E-liquidsVape Merchant RotoruaShosha Redwoods
Pod KitsNicotine Salt E-liquidsThe Vape Shed
Vape KitsSub-ohm Salt E-liquids The Puffbar Vapes
Vape Tanks And Mods
Vape Accessories

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery TimeCourier Services Company
New Zealand (Non-rural): 1-2 working daysNZPost 
New Zealand (Rural): 2-4 working daysNZPost
Australia: 1-5 working daysDHL

Shosha Vape Store Rotorua Payment

Payment Of Shosha Rotorua
Payment Of Shosha Rotorua

Shosha Rotorua Online Reviews

Customer Review: Red Raiden
Customer Review: Margaret Moore
Customer Review: Michael Hola
Customer Review: Karen Ketu
Shosha Rotorua: Gallery One
Shosha Rotorua: Gallery Two
Shosha Rotorua: Gallery Three
Shosha Rotorua: Gallery Four

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Does Shosha have nangs?

While Shosha has been selling nitrous oxide and equipment, according to insiders, all Shosha stores in New Zealand stopped selling the gas that some customers use for recreational purposes as of 11:59 p.m. on May 16.

What does Shosha sell?

Shosha NZ sells e-cigarettes, vaping devices, mods, and all-in-one vapes.

Is Shosha a nicotine?

Yes. Shisha smoke contains large amounts of nicotine.

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