Uwell Caliburn A2

The UWELL Caliburn A2 features a clear e-liquid viewing window and LED battery life indicator. It also offers both push-button and drawing activation mechanisms.

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UWell Caliburn A2 FAQ

How long do Caliburn A2 pods last?

From experience, the Uwell Caliburn A2 lasts about 1-2 weeks.

However the exact duration of use is also related to your personal vaping habits. Generally speaking, the depth and frequency of vaping is inversely proportional to the duration of use.

The Caliburn A2 has a market price range of $34.98-$49.90.

The VapePenZone sells the Caliburn A2 for $34.98, which is a relatively low price.

The UWell Caliburn A2 comes with a clear e-liquid viewing window, a power indicator and two start mechanisms. On top of that, the 0.9ohm UN2 Meshed-H coil creates a lot of rich and smooth vapour for you is a cost-effective vape.