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Shosha Melville

About Shosha Melville Vape Shop

Shosha Melville Hamilton vape shop is one of Shosha Hamilton’s shops located at Ohaupo Road, Melville.

Shosha proudly asserts its position as the leading online vape emporium, boasting an extensive array of vape products. From vapes and disposables to vape juices, coils, mouthpieces, and an assortment of accessories, Shosha caters to all your vaping essentials with unparalleled variety and quality.

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Shosha Melville Inside
  • Address:  29 Ohaupo Road, Melville, Hamilton 3206, New Zealand
  • Hours:
    Sunday – Tuesday: 10 am – 7 pm
    Wednesday – Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm
  • Phone: 07 949 8942

Shosha Vape Shop Melville Locations

Shosha Melville Street View
Shosha Melville Street View 1
Shosha Melville Street View 2
Shosha Melville Street View 3

The Nearby Landmarks:

  • The Herbal Shop: About 49 m, 1 min walk.
  • Pizza Hut Melville: About 6 m, 1 min walk.

Nearby Bus Stop:

  • 32 Ohaupo Rd (outside Braemar Hospital): About 70 m, 2 min walk.
  • 45 Ohaupo Rd: About 110 m, 1 min walk.

Shosha Melville Prices

DisposablesPod KitsVape Tanks and ModsVape KitsNicotine Salt E-liquidsFreebase E-liquidsSub-ohm Salt E-liquidsSmoking Accessories
$12 – $39.99$19.99 – $79.99$10 – $69.99$39.99 – $169$25 – $60$7 – $60$25 – $60$2.00 – $69.99

Types of Brands

Popular Vape BrandsDisposables BrandsPod Kits BrandsVape Tanks and Mods
Vape Kits
E-liquids Brands
UWellTwist BarVoopooWotofoVoopooFruit Burst World
InnokinSMOKVaporessoVaporessoVaporessoSalty Kraze World
GeekvapeShoshaUWellVaptioInnokinSalty Berry World
ShoshaSalty Pro BarSuorinVandy VapeiJoyTote Hua
OVNSUltra BarOVNSiJoyGeekvapeInnokin
SMOKDiamond BariJoyDovpoDovpoSalty Bubble World
Elate VapeSalty Stick BarGeekvapeHellvapeSalty Fizzy World
Salty Pro BarSalty Prime BarAspireParty VapeVaping Gadget
Palm FitMist BarElate VapeElate VapeSalty Tropical World
AspireSalty Pulse BarSMOKSMOKSalty Krush World
VoopooFILTERSShoshaSalty Kiwi World
Salty Clouds
Salty Puff World
Vaping Gadget
Smoka Vape
Summer Lumma
Salty World
Lawless Vape
Frozen World
Crown Vape
Asian Infusion

Other Information

Types of VapesTypes of E-liquidsVape Store Near Me
Disposable VapesFreebase E-liquidVapeys Vape Store Hamilton
Pod KitsNicotine Salt E-liquidVape n Chill
Vape Tanks and ModsSub-ohm Salt E-liquidsBlaze N Chill
Vape KitsVAPO – Hamilton CBD Vape Shop & E-Cigarettes
Vape AccessoriesVICE VAPE CO. Victoria Street

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping to AustraliaShipping within New Zealand
Courier ProviderDHLNZPost
Delivery time1-5 working daysNon-rural areas: 1-2 working days
Rural areas: 2-4 working days


Payment Of Shosha Melville
Payment Of Shosha Melville

Customer Review Of Shosha Melville

Shosha Melville Review
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Shosha Melville Review 1
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Shosha Melville Photos

Shosha Melville Inside 1
Shosha Melville Inside 2
Shosha Melville Inside 3
Shosha Melville Inside 4

Vape Shop NZ is your go-to online store for all vaping needs, providing free shipping on orders exceeding $50 and delivery within 1-2 working days.


Does Shosha take zip?

Zip pay is available now on the Shosha website and our specialist vape retailers.

How many Shosha are there in NZ?

It started with one small store in Auckland in 2011. We are now having over 120 stores located all over New Zealand.

What does Shosha sell?

Shosha boasts an extensive array of vape products. From vapes and disposables to vape juices, coils, mouthpieces, and an assortment of accessories.

Does Shosha have nangs?

Shosha stops selling recreational gas in New Zealand stores, effective May 16, 11.59 pm. Previously sold under a baking industry loophole for whipping cream.

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