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Discount Vapor Colombo St Vape & Hookah Specialist Store

About Discount Vapor Colombo St

Discount Vapor Colombo St is a local NZ vape shop located at 386 Colombo Street, Sydenham. It is a neighbourhood with plenty of restaurants and an ATM located across the street.

This Christchurch vape shop offers lots of premium vaping products from famous brands like Vuse, SMOK, alt., RELX, VOZOL, Bingo, and Chosen Salts.

About Discount Vapor Colombo St
  • Address: 386 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023
  • Hours:
    Monday to Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
    Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm
    Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Email: [email protected]

Discount Vapor Colombo St Locations

The Nearby Landmarks

  1. Two Thumb Brewing on Colombo: About 33m, 1 min walk
  2. ANZ Sydenham ATM: About 110m, 2 min walk

Nearby Bus Stop

  1. Colombo St near Wordsworth St: About 23m, 1 min walk
  2. Sydenham Shops: About 190m, 3 min walk


Disposable VapesPrefilled Pod VapePodsFreebase E-LiquidNicotine Salt E-LiquidCoilsSmoking AccessoriesDevice
$15.99 – $35$12.99 – $29.99$8.99 – $17.99$15 – $29.90$8.99 – $24.99$27.99$12.00 – $ 29.00$17.99 – $61.98

Types Of Brands

Disposable Vapes BrandsPrefilled Pod Vape Brands Freebase E-Liquid BrandNicotine Salt E-Liquid Brand
RELXBingoChosen (Freebase)Oasis Vape Salts
IGETTopRemarkable (Freebase)Chosen (Nic-Salts)
Bud\PachaMama (Freebase)PachaMama (Nic-Salts)
Oasis\\Remarkable (Nic-Salts)
Bingo\\Mr Wicky’s
Top \\Bingo Nicotine Salt E-liquids

Other Information Of Discount Vape Christchurch

Types Of VapesTypes Of E-LiquidsVape Shop NearbyDiscount Vapor Near Me (Christchurch)
Prefilled Pod VapeNicotine SaltsShosha Colombo StreetDiscount Vapor Woolston
Disposable VapesFreebase NicotineCosmic Vape Shop Colombo Street\
Herb Vaporizers\Steam Age\
Vape Accessories\Hoopers Vapour Vape Shop (CBD)\

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery Time (Not Include Processing Time of Your Order)Delivery TypeDelivery Cost
Order to New Zealand (Not including Queensland)\NZ Courier PostFor the first kg: $26
Every kg Afterward: $6
(Shipping weight up to 99 kg)
(Fre Shipping for orders over $50)

Discount Vape Store Payment

Payment Discount Vapor Woolston
Payment Discount Vapor Woolston

Customer Reviews

Customer Review Bryan Camua (Bry)
Customer Review Of Marcus Peters
Customer Review Of Laurie Grant
Customer Review Of Wesley Hatcher
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Discount Vapor Colombo St Product Display Two
Discount Vapor Colombo St Product Display Three
Discount Vapor Colombo St Product Display Four

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