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How To Charge Vuse ePod 2 Without Charger?

I lost my Vuse ePod NZ charger and the new one is still on the way, but my device is starting to flash and die, how do I charge it without a charger at the moment?

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Generally, the Vuse ePod 2 kit NZ comes with a magnetic charging cable, which is only compatible with the Vuse ePod series.

If you lose it, just grab a charging cable(Android, Apple or Samsung phone chargers are all available) in your home to create a DIY charging cable as a remedy.

Remember that you should take out the Vuse ePod cartridge to avoid overheating while charging. Otherwise, the e-liquid inside may be decomposed with heat, resulting in flavour loss.

1. Use a pair of scissors to cut the charging cable anywhere, tearing away its protective layer of insulation.
2. Find out the red and black wires inside the charging cable(Some may be red and blue wires).
3. Get these 2 wires connected to the magnetic points at the bottom of the Vuse ePod 2 device.
4. Use tape to secure the connection between the magnetic point and the DIY charging cable to prevent a loose connection from leading to charging failure.
5. Plug the charging cable into a wall socket, a power bank or any other power source.
6. Wait until the constant white light disappears (the ePod original version may be a green light).
7. Plug the charging cable from the power source and remove the 2 wires from the battery contacts.

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