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How Many Puffs Is A Vuse Go?

I am interested in buying some Vuse Go disposable vapes, but I have come across conflicting information online about the actual number of puffs they give. Some people are claiming that the actual puffs are different from the packaging. Can you give me an accurate answer regarding the actual number of puffs it gives?

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In the existing New Zealand vape market, Vuse Go is available in three versions with different numbers of puffs, ranging from 500 puffs, 700 puffs, to 800 puffs.

To give you a better idea of the puff count, here are the equivalences between the Vuse Go series and the number of cigarettes. Generally, 10 – 15 puffs equal to one cigarette:

  1. Vuse Go 500: 33 – 50 cigarettes (1.5 – 2 pack)
  2. Vuse Go 700: 46 – 70 cigarettes (2 – 3.5 pack)
  3. Vuse Go Edition 01 (Vuse Go 800): 53 – 80 cigarettes (2.5 – 4 pack)

However, the actual puff count may differ for each person due to different vaping habits.

Under the ISO 207681 vapour puffing regime (3 seconds per puff), the actual puffs may reduce to one-third of the original volume.

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